Learn Music Production from Ableton Masters with This Membership

The democratization of audio technology has revolutionized the music industry. In the not so distant past, in order to make a hit single or record, you needed to spend thousands of dollars on a professional studio and play by another producer’s rules. Now, it’s possible to craft a best-selling smash hit from the comfort of your sofa, with only a minimal amount of basic software and a pair of headphones.

Ableton has quickly become the preferred music production software of top producers across every genre, and if you’re interested in creating or producing great music, having an in-depth knowledge of how this powerful program functions is an absolute must.

Noiselab is a bottomless resource of both Ableton instruction and tutorials on everything from music theory to esoteric production tricks, and right now a lifetime membership is available for over 95% off at just $29.

It’s nearly impossible to learn about everything that Ableton has to offer without formal training. This membership grants you unlimited access to a trove of instruction that covers everything from Ableton’s famed synthesizers and compressors to its more advanced automation technology, and the lessons are delivered using easy-to-understand language and real-world examples.

But Noiselab offers far more than a just thorough Ableton education. It also comes packed with illustrative tutorials that introduce you to both the fundamentals and more advanced aspects of music theory, songwriting, artist collaboration, and much more. You’ll even learn how to break down the components of a hit song in order to incorporate them into your own work.

Whether you’re interested in pursuing a career in music production or simply want to get the skills you need to craft the next major EDM hit, this subscription will help you reach your sonic goals, and it’s available for just $29—over 95% off its usual price.

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