You Can Learn to Become a Project Manager with This Training

Regardless of the industry, companies large and small are always on the lookout for talented managers who can see projects through from start to finish and inspire those around them. It’s a common misconception that these types of valuable skills can’t be taught. Indeed, the most successful project managers have undergone formal training in some of the field’s most tried-and-true techniques and styles.

The Complete Project Management Bundle introduces you to three of the most renowned project management methodologies and practices—JIRA, Scrum, and Agile—and it’s currently available for over 95% off at $29.

This 11-part bundle is geared toward anyone who is looking to establish themselves as a leader in their particular field, and you’re not expected to have any previous training or experience in project management in order to make the most of your training.

You’ll start by learning how to customize JIRA to fit your project’s specific needs—meaning you’ll learn how to build streamlined workflows, implement time-tracking, create timelines that keep your team on track, and more.

Next, you’ll learn everything there is to know about how Agile Scrum is used to drive team success regardless of the scale of the project at hand. There’s instruction that teaches you how to manage project backlogs, how to understand user stories in order to boost productivity, and how to create tasks that are more easily implemented.

Finally, your training covers a wide range of efficiency-boosters that can be implemented to scale back on waste, hit goals faster, and innovate new solutions to difficult problems you may encounter along the way.

Your instruction is delivered by SkillSuccess—a leader in online professional education—and you’ll be able to access your content any time from any device.

Establish yourself as an in-demand project manager with the Complete Project Management Bundle for just $29—over 95% off.

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