15 Things You Can Fix Around the House with a Rubber Band

Rubber bands are infinitely useful things indeed. A good rubber band has many uses including being used to fix things around the house.

For this reason, any self-respecting DIY'er should have a healthy stockpile of these little stretchy pieces of wonder. You never know when and where you'll need one to hand.

The following 15 entries are examples of things you can fix around the house with a rubber band.

1. Use a Rubber Band to Remove a Stripped Screw

The most diligent of DIY'ers is bound to strip a screw head or two in their time - but that doesn't mean you need to abandon the project. You can employ the services of a humble rubber band to help you rectify the situation.

To do this place a rubber band over the stripped screw, insert the point of the screwdriver and slowly attempt to unscrew it. It doesn't always work but it is a good first approach.

2. Stop Wobbly Candle Issues With Rubber Bands

If your candles are too slim for your candlestick, instead of wasting candle wax to try to secure your candle in the holder you can use a rubber band instead.

By wrapping the band around the base of the candle you can easily secure the candle into your candlestick and stop it from wobbling.

3. Use Rubber Bands To Help Remove Excess Paint From a Brush

This is one of the more 'classic' uses of rubber bands around the house. There is nothing more frustrating than excess paint on a paint brush.

Not only do you risk dripping paint everywhere but it will also affect the evenness of your paint application.

To stop this problem in its tracks tie a rubber band around a tin of paint across the diameter of the opening to provide an easy, and free, method of removing excess paint from your paintbrush.

This technique will also prevent paint building up on the rim of the can.

4. Turn Rubber Bands Into Glue

If you find yourself needing some glue for a home repair why not consider melting down some rubber bands to make a good quick and easy adhesive.

Of course, this can give off some fumes so be sure to only do this in a well-ventilated space with a mask. Better yet do it in the back garden.

5. Open a Stuck Jar Lid With a Rubber Band

If banging the lid on a hard surface has failed to loosen the lid you could always try using a rubber band to add some much-needed friction. Simply wrap a thick rubber band around the lid and try once again to twist it off.

You can also try using a rubber glove if that's easier for you.

6. Rubber Band Electrical Wire Insulation

Exposed wires are never a good thing. What do you do when you can't find or have run out of, insulation tape? This is where the good ol' rubber band comes in handy once again.

Simply wrap a rubber band around any low wattage exposed wire to insulate the wire (and yourself). Obviously, make sure the electricity is off first.

7. Rubber Band Padding Could Save You Remote Control

If you want to add an element of non-slip to some of your more delicate household items (like an ashtray or remote control) you could consider wrapping rubber bands around them to prevent from sliding or scratching surfaces.

If placed strategically they can also provide a small element of shock absorption too - obviously only over short drops. You can also use them on your tennis racket.

8. Rubber Band Zipper Repairs

Broken the pull tag on your zipper? No problem use a rubber band instead.

9. DIY Compass Using Two Pencils and a Rubber Band

If you need to draw a near perfect circle and can't find your set of compasses why not use a rubber band to 'jerry-rig' one yourself.

10. Secure Wooden Bed Slat With a Rubber Band

If you have some loose bed slats and don't want to screw or nail them down, you can use rubber bands to help you out. They can easily slide out of position which is both annoying and potentially dangerous for bunk beds.

You can add some much-needed friction to them by wrapping a rubber band around each end of the slat you can keep them from coming loose.

11. Reinforce Cables With a Rubber Band

A certain company's cables are notorious for breaking. Why not reinforce them using rubber bands and a piece of a drinking straw (optional).

12. Rubber Band Helping Hand With Pliers

For anyone who regularly uses pliers, there will come a time when two hands just aren't enough. It would be great at times if something could be used to keep a pair of pliers closed around a nut or bolt.

Why not employ the services of a rubber band to help you out and keep the plier's jaws firmly shut. Simply wrap a rubber band around the arms to give you a helping hand.

13. Make Brooms Immortal Using a Rubber Band

Did you know you can extend the lifespan of your household broom using rubber bands? When the bristles start to splay you might be tempted to throw out that old broom and buy a new one.

But wait you can use rubber bands to tie around the bristles to tighten them and extend the working life of your 'old faithful' broom.

14. Temporarily Repair a Broken Hosepipe

Did you know you can affect a temporary repair on a leaking hosepipe using rubber bands? Simply cut out a piece of rubber from a rubber glove, place over the damaged area and secure it in place with a bunch of rubber bands.

15. Fix Loose Eyeglasses with a Rubber Band

If you have annoyingly loose arms to your glasses you can correct this by making some DIY rubber band washers.

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